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About Me

Hi, I am Amelia.

I am a second year student at Sheffield Hallam university and I study Interior Architecture and Design. I have always been a creative person and I have learned various ways to express my passion for everything creative. My journey so far has been very fulfilling and I am excited to see what my future will bring.
I started this website to create an online portfolio of my work at university each year. Each month I also post a blog about architectural buildings and amazing interiors that I have either visited or found interesting when researching.

Inspirational Imagery

Galeries Lafayette Haussmann, Paris.
Adaaran Select Meedhupparu, Maldives.
La Galerie Dior, Paris.
Golf Fang, Sheffield.

Architectural styles i like

Modern Farmhouse

The modern farmhouse look embraces the classic components of a historical rural farmhouse whilst also incorporating contemporary elements such as furnishings and colour schemes.


Minimalism emphasises empty spaces using simple lighting, strong lines and little furniture. It incorporates simple materials, symmetry, neatness and geometry.


The contemporary design aesthetic describes the current and popular designs at the moment. It incorporates decorated minimalism, clean lines, and trend forward.

Art Deco

The aesthetic of the art deco style is very decedent and opulent with geometric patterns and motifs, bold colours and a rich material palette.


Japandi is a mixture of Japanese and Scandinavian styles. It embraces comfort, wellbeing, slow-living and simplicity.


Maximalist interiors embrace bold colours, patterns, statement pieces and layering. It is a very intentional interior design style although it may look chaotic at first glance.

creative journey


Textiles A-Level

In school I studied Textiles creating very abstract pieces and portfolios of work. I investigated various techniques in detail such as weaving, knitting, shibori and sustainable fashion.


Perspective Drawings

My passion is drawing, I learnt how to draw interior spaces in perspective and have developed this skill over time creating more detailed and complex designs. I have been able to apply this skill within my university studies.


3D Modelling

I also love to design in three-dimensions using a wide range of mixed media creating both physical models such as concept and site models as well as virtual models on CAD software.

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