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CoLAB Project 2023.

This project was completed in my first year of studying interior architecture and design at Sheffield Hallam University, it was a collaborative project with a group of other students studying within the creative industry.

Zest of: YOU

Within this project my group and I were paired with a client who outlined a brief for us to spend two weeks working on to come up with a proposal to present to her at the end of this. 

Zest of: YOU is a health and wellness service supporting diverse midlife women to actively self-manage their long-term health conditions so that they can function at their best, achieve the things they want and get back pleasure and zest for life.

Ola Fagbohun is the founder of Zest of: YOU and her mission is to support midlife women and create a community that empowers and supports women and girls. 

She offers one-to-one group health and wellness coaching services which cover healthier eating, adding more movement to your day, and anxiety and stress management support. She also offers creativity workshops and tips for health and wellness whilst also offering a self-care gift set. 


The brief that our client Ola set out for us was to consider the type of society that we and our loved ones would like to grow old in, perhaps a society that values and celebrates the contribution from diverse people (especially women) as they age, then provide ideas of how to positively reframe the narrative surrounding growing older and ageing. 

The main aim our group had was to tackle the stereotypes and stigma around ageism and menopause and what we can do to disseminate the problem within today’s society.

Initial Ideas

After researching into Ola’s company and talking to the client about her brief for us we started to brainstorm ideas as a group. We came up with the following ideas:

  • Advertisement such as posters and billboards – to spread awareness of how menopause affects women and how ageism can control the elderly (not being able to partake in youthful activities).
  • An app – a social app that connects women in their midlife with either menopause or any other underlying medical issues, using the app to support one another or to meet and participate in group activities.
  • QR code – a scannable QR code that allows more people to be lead to further information about menopause and ageism, this would help to educate people.
  • Weekly clubs – setting up weekly clubs to allow for local or distant women who are struggling with menopause to discuss their issues and help each other.
  • Pop up stories – similar to an exhibition but it can be moved more easily, pop up sheets showing the stories of of women that defy the stereotypes of ageism and menopause whilst also providing opportunities to engage and say your own story.
  • A teachable doll – a doll that can be used within Ola’s workshops or coaching groups to teach about both the physical and mental effects that menopause has on women.


Once discussing with the group we decided to focus on the pop up stories and the teachable doll to present to the client. The clients feedback was to ensure that the pop up story boards were able to be transported easily and that her clients were able to interact with both the story boards and the doll.

In response to this feedback we designed a box for the story boards to fold down into and made sure that the boards could be interacted with by having velcro boards for the women to write their own stories on within Ola’s workshops.

Regarding the teaching doll our initial idea was to create it out of fabric that can be written on and then washed off, however this idea developed and we decided to incorporate the teaching dolls into the pop up board idea attaching them to it with velcro. The dolls still have the same concept of being able to be written on and then wiped off for others to use but instead of using the washable fabric, a whiteboard material is used.

Below is the final image that we presented to the client to show our proposal responding to the brief that she had set at the beginning of the project. It incorporates both the pop up board idea with the velcro dolls attaching to the boards.

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